Mobile Needs to Be Considered a Strategy, Not a Campaign
03 December 2014

Most marketers see mobile advertising as a campaign, not as its own strategy. According to a study conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer Council, only a scant 17% of respondents reported that their mobile efforts lined up with their entire marketing strategies.


According to Laurie Sullivan of MediaPost, who was privy to the reports findings, nearly a third of respondents said that they have no mobile strategy at all or that they do not view mobile as a strategy. Most classify it as a campaign and because it does not necessarily align very well with the overall strategy, it is often an afterthought.


This is concerning, especially when you consider how quickly mobile use is growing. Numerous studies have shown that it is one of the channels with the highest engagement numbers and is great for interacting with and retaining customers. Even with this information, most marketers have not yet found a place for mobile marketing in their larger marketing strategy.


While mobile phones are becoming central to the lives on consumers, they are not becoming central to the lives of marketers, which is a serious problem. Mobile commerce already comprises 12% of consumer media attention and 15% of revenues, with those percentages only predicted to continue growing along with smartphone use and confidence in smartphone safety.

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